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 Event Rules!

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PostSubject: Event Rules!   Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:27 am

Ok rules for if you want to host an event!

  1. You must state what the Event in simple terms so that all your fellow guildies can understand what they have to do to complete the event.
  2. There must be a prize. It can be anything from NX, to an ingame item to a drawing or something you created on the caricature or amv r creative!
  3. All guildies can join in the event, it is up to the players themselves.
  4. You cannot play favoritism, for example whenever you host an event your friends cant be the ones to always win, and so on
  5. You cannot win 2 events in a row, let other guildies have a chance to win! [there may be exceptions to this rule, for special circumstances]

Events can be ingame or real life stuffs. Some examples for rl events could be a scavenger hunt on the web: find x amount of pictures and whoever finds all of them wins a prize or goes to the next level of the event...etc.. An example of an ingame event could be, say you are working on weaving, then each guildie can win x amount of points per stack of wool/webs etc(for those types of events the prize must be worth the amount of time and effort put in). So have fun with your EVENTS!!
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Event Rules!
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